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Elvis Presley VS Michael Jackson Who´s The King?

Michael Jackson or Elvis? This is a tough question. Jackson was a heck of a dancer and whatta songwriter – there were many moments of magic when Michael Jackson was on stage. And, as a musician and performer, he was definitely an icon of sorts. But Elvis vs. Jackson? Come on, there’s no comparison. Elvis started it all. He was the true pioneer. Many singers have copied Michael Jackson – the Britneys, the Timberlakes, etc. However BUT EVERYONE copied Elvis Presley. But, I talk too much. I want you to vote on this eternal question. So who will it be…Michael or Elvis?


Elvis Presley - The King

Sold more than 1,5 Billion records













Michael Jackson -"The King Of Pop"

Sold more than 750 million records










 Vote for the true King!



One is The King of pop, the other is, simply, The King but who does really rule the musical airwaves? We pit Michael Jackson against Elvis Presley in a true battle of the giants...

Who´s had most number one hits?

Elvis 17 - Michael 13

Elvis 1 - Jackson 0

Who´s sold the most records?

Elvis 1,5 Billion - Michael 750 millions

Elvis 2 - Jackson 0

Who´s had the biggest album?

Elvis It´s Now Or Never 30 millions - Michael Thriller 100 millions

Elvis 2 - Jackson 1

Who´s played the biggest gig?

Elvis 60.000 Pontiac 31.12.1975  - Michael Wembley Stadium 72.000

Elvis 2 - Jackson 2

Who´s had the most hit movies?

Elvis 32  - Michael 2

Elvis 3 - Jackson 2

Who´s won the most grammy awards?

Elvis 3 Grammys  - Michael 19 Grammys

Elvis 3 - Jackson 3

Who´s played the biggest TV-Concert

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii 1,5 billion  - Michael "Live Aid"1,2 billion

Elvis 4 - Jackson 3

Who´s had the most Hall Of Fame nominations?

Elvis 3 Rock´n Roll, Country, Gospel  - Michael 2 Rock´n Roll, Songwriters

Elvis 5 - Jackson 3


Elvis Presley wins 5 - 3 against Michael Jackson and is the true King!







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